March 28, 2010

Break Even Point

Saving money is very important in today's economy. So I decided to tell you when you'd break even with your bags. I estimated off a box of 100 Walmart brand sandwich bags at $2.19 a box.( Of course if you use brand name sandwich bags your break even point will be sooner and savings higher then the store brand.)   Dividing up the box it is about 2 cents a bag. I use to send in at least 2 bags per person. I pack for 2 people right now. My house would go through approximately 20 bags a week. So I would go thru a box in about 5 weeks. After those five weeks I would have thrown out $2.19 in the garbage and hurt the environment.

A set of reusable snack bags from me would start paying you back in about 30 weeks and I would then not need to purchase any more bags!  Of course this would vary for each family but the first year I would have saved $8. The next year would be even better $25.

 It's the little savings that start to build a fortune in time. Take those savings and do something big with them. Invest them into the next thing to save you money- paying for college, paying off the house early, paying for a babysitter for date night. All great causes!

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