April 23, 2010

Earth Day

So yesterday was Earth Day. I posted on my facebook page how we all can make a difference for our earth. I of course asked what everyone was going to do to make a difference. I hardly got any posts. I was suprised with all the social movements to become greener that no one was sharing what they were doing. I few friends did the same thing and the same result for them as well. Very few commitments or suggestions of greener living. I was very saddened by this. We all should try to live a more simple and greener life. One way of course we can make a difference is to stop using plastic. Carry reusable shopping bags and reusable snack bags.

FYI- I celebrated yesterday by hanging a load of laundry and my husband decided to not drive to work yesterday and take the day off. He of course just wanted a day off and was not due to Earth day :)

April 15, 2010

Raising a Greener Generation

I was at the gym the other day and one of my favorite friends, who is also a big supporter of the reusable snack bags, was there. I showed her a new fabric and she loved it. She of course bought it right on the spot. Her daughter who was in a tumbling class across the room saw the bags and immediately came charging towards them thinking there was a snack inside. Kids love these bags, not only because they are whimsical but because they carry food. A greener lifestyle can start young by just making the greener route more enjoyable and fun

April 8, 2010

Coming Soon Napkins

Tonight at dinner I was experimenting on a fabric to use for my napkins. At my house I am using homespun cotton which is nice but to encourage kids to use they are a bit boring. So I had one napkin and make my children play guess which hand behind my back has the napkin. Of course the youngest won which made the oldest mad. He sulked all through dinner. It was encouraging to see the response of my new fabric and the excitement to use them. So as soon as my business allows I will be adding reusable napkins as well as my reusable snack bags!

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