April 8, 2010

Coming Soon Napkins

Tonight at dinner I was experimenting on a fabric to use for my napkins. At my house I am using homespun cotton which is nice but to encourage kids to use they are a bit boring. So I had one napkin and make my children play guess which hand behind my back has the napkin. Of course the youngest won which made the oldest mad. He sulked all through dinner. It was encouraging to see the response of my new fabric and the excitement to use them. So as soon as my business allows I will be adding reusable napkins as well as my reusable snack bags!


  1. I am looking for "cute" cloth/cotton backpacks to take on a trip. Would you be interested in making/pricing one? It could just be a simple, drawstring type.


  2. Hi Angie! I totally missed your comment! My first one too. :) Email me and we can try to come up with something. danielle6246@hotmail.com

  3. I used to make cloth napkins from my husband's old plaid dress shirts. Just do a simple stitch around the edge and let it frayed. It was a great repurpose for shirts he had stained or just grew tired of. We just used the back side. Depending how big I made them I could get 2 out of each shirt. Of course my hubby is a 2x.--Alison


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