April 23, 2010

Earth Day

So yesterday was Earth Day. I posted on my facebook page how we all can make a difference for our earth. I of course asked what everyone was going to do to make a difference. I hardly got any posts. I was suprised with all the social movements to become greener that no one was sharing what they were doing. I few friends did the same thing and the same result for them as well. Very few commitments or suggestions of greener living. I was very saddened by this. We all should try to live a more simple and greener life. One way of course we can make a difference is to stop using plastic. Carry reusable shopping bags and reusable snack bags.

FYI- I celebrated yesterday by hanging a load of laundry and my husband decided to not drive to work yesterday and take the day off. He of course just wanted a day off and was not due to Earth day :)

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