September 9, 2010

Portion Control

I have discovered my newest love. It is the 1/2 cup glad ware cups with lids. No more waste from my kids. When they used to see jello in a big container their eyes were bigger than their stomachs. I would waste a lot of jello and other food items. So now I make the jello in a pourable Pyrex measuring bowl and then pour directly into the 1/2 cups and snap the lids on them. They then go into the fridge and are easily accessible for all. It also helps me to make lunches very easy.

I love convenience packaging but it is expensive and wasteful. Now, I make them up ahead of time with jello, pudding, applesauce, and diced pears and then kids have a choice on what they want for lunch. Its cheaper, and reusable. The glad cups come in a set of 6 for about $2.99 and are reusable whereas you buy refrigerated Jello premade it cost the same and you can't reuse the cups.

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